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Peterborough Pathways is a Peterborough City Council specialist provision which works in partnership with families and other agencies to provide community based support to children with complex disabilities between the ages of 5 to 18. This includes children with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, profound and multiple learning disabilities, sensory impairment, autism, ADHD and associated health needs.

Peterborough Pathways is based at Cherry Lodge, a residential home for children with disabilities which sits within Peterborough City Council’s Adult Social Care Directorate.

The aim of the service is to provide a person centred approach to meet the needs of children and their families. Each care package is based on the individual needs of the child and their family and regular reviews take place to monitor the impact of the service.

Support may take place within the local or wider community or a designated activity base. Our specialist workers will help with boundary setting and establishing routines within the home and also take children out into the community encouraging them to access a variety of activities and opportunities and enabling them to increase their independence through setting achievable goals within agreed timeframes.

Children receiving a service are allocated support following the decision from the Short Breaks Panel or the Joint Agency Support Panel (JASP) where care packages are agreed based on an assessment of their individual needs. Care packages will be reviewed regularly via the panel to monitor and review the support being provided. All our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for children with disabilities and are flexible with their approach in meeting the specific needs of children according to their age and abilities.

Our team are suitably qualified, competent and experienced in caring for children with complex disabilities. They attend a rolling programme of training and are professional and flexible within their approach. Workers will be carefully matched with children and their families to allow for consistency and good working relationships with parents. Staff are provided with regular supervision to support them in their role and help them to deliver an excellent service. They reflect on their practice in team meetings, supervisions and appraisals, they are aware of their responsibilities as individuals and they work to comprehensive policies and protocols for recording incidents, accidents and reportable concerns. 

All staff members access an induction programme and will be subject to a 6 month probatory period after which they will complete a level 3 National Vocational Qualification. There is an expectation for all staff members to access a rolling programme of training and there will be opportunities for them to access further diploma courses as they progress. Various internal and external courses will be available to further develop skills and enhance good practice.

Experienced members of the team will be available to mentor and support new staff joining the team and will provide support and guidance as necessary. All staff are aware of their individual responsibility to their role and have a duty of care to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety of a child accessing our service at all times.

Our ethos and aims
As a service we aim to work in partnership with all service providers and professionals across Peterborough to ensure that disabled children have the same opportunities as everyone else. We are committed to inclusion and work hard to achieve this wherever possible.

Peterborough Pathways believes in a child centred approach and that the views and opinions of the children and families we work with are paramount.

The Peterborough Pathways Team will strive to provide an excellent service to all families who access the provision and we will make the following commitment:

Peterborough Pathways will:

  1. Enable provision of one-to-one quality time with children within the community
  2. Provide support for children to attend youth clubs, groups, play schemes or other activities of their choice
  3. Support with health care needs
  4. Develop effective partnerships between parents and children to allow
  5. For trust and consistency
  6. Help children to develop and maintain positive relationships with their
  7. Peers and reduce the risk of social isolation
  8. Help every child to achieve their full potential by providing support and
  9. Encouragement to achieve realistic goals
  10. Ensure the safety of children and young people by implementing
  11. Effective safeguarding systems to minimise any potential risks
  12. Promote the health, physical and emotional well-being of children

To achieve this we:

  1. Will have an integrated approach to promote equality for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, sexual orientation, age, ability, disability and social circumstances
  2. Will empower parents to improve their confidence and self-esteem
  3. Will promote positive parenting by helping them to address short and long term challenges
  4. Will seek ongoing evaluation from parents to support continuing development and improvement of our service
  5. Will collaborate with colleagues and professionals from other agencies to ensure we can provide the highest standard of care

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