Social Worker in the Disabled Children's Team (0-18)

Join our Disabled Children's Team and make a difference

We are looking for a qualified social worker who is proactive and adaptable, and  has a passion for ensuring that children and young people with complex needs, receive a positive experience when having their needs met.

On asking colleagues, already working in the team, about the role and team, this was just a few of their responses

"I love it. A really rewarding job, working direct with the children and their families and helping them secure the support they need"
"It is a good, friendly, supportive team to work with. I was really well supported to help my learning when I joined the service "
"I like the holistic social work and the diversity in the role  - we manage the whole range of social work interventions in the service which is great for my professional learning and development." 
"I have been with the team for 10 years. We are really supportive of one another."
"Helping disabled children to be heard and have opportunities to thrive and develop, advocating for those children who are not able to speak for themselves".   
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